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Zanzibar, as one of the world's premier spice islands, can offer many exciting taste sensations. There are many restaurants in both Stone Town and Jambiani. In Jamuturi Garden in Stone Town a food market is held during the evenings. For a very low cost, you can pick out the specific Zanzibarian food that you wish to eat.

Consumption of the food is big there so there is little risk of getting food poisoning. In Jambiani the menu is characterized mainly of seafood and chicken and where the opportunity to try sweet potatos, cooked bananas, chapati or spiced rice should not be missed. Boat Of course there are also meat and pasta dishes for those that prefer that. Ask the staff at Stonehouse for recommendations, depending on what you want to eat and at what price range.

If you want to eat a traditional Zanzibarian meal at Stonehouse restaurand, speak to the staff and we will arrange catering. How about cassava in coconut milk, freshly baked chapati, cooked bananas, sambozas, octopus, freshly caught fish, and a lot more!

In Stone Town, you can usually go in to any restaurant without having booked a table but in the villages the restaurants still want a preorder to be able to purchase the freshest food. Make it a habit, therefore, to order your food during the afternoon if you want to make sure that you get the food that you want during the evening.


There are plenty of different fresh fruit juices from fruit locally grown and prepared, readily available!

Also there is large selection av alcoholic beverages to be found. Because of it being an old English colony, there are a number of good Tanzanian and Kenyan beer brands. Welcome at our little bar,you find it just right the stonehouse and beach. Good wines that should please most are imported from, for example, South Africa. The local water on Zanzibar should not be ingested but can be used for, i.e. coffee if it is boiled first. It is ok to use the water to brush your teeth as long as the water is not swallowed.

At Stonehouse it is possible to bring your own drinks if you wish.